Where to find the best commercial real estate news

At my office, on your first day as a new broker, you receive a stack of documents and binders of information to prepare you for the days ahead as a successful real estate broker.  One of the most valuable of these documents has to be the Real Estate Research Cheat Sheet, a chart of the top real estate and general business/industry news and data providers.  It provided me with countless (i.e. 17) different locations from which I could gather knowledge for my business development activities.  Although it was handy to receive such a list, there was no user’s manual, so I was left to determine on my own what the difference was between valuable data and useless time-wasters.

Instead of expecting corporate real estate professionals to go through the same struggle I faced in identifying useful online news resources, I have decided to filter the list that I received down to the top 5 news sources that I utilize, providing a better source for those who are lucky enough to find their way to my blog.

General real estate news:

I find myself going to CoStar and Globe Street.  Both provide granular RSS subscriptions and keep me updated on major activities and trends across major commercial real estate markets in the United States through short “activity blurbs” that provide just as much as necessary to keep a pulse on the market.

Local business news:

Tie between Crain Communications and Biz Journals.  Each company has its list of covered markets.  To be frank, Biz Journals has a much more comprehensive selection of major urban markets, but I live in Chicago, so I go with Crain’s Chicago Business when I want to stay abreast of local business activity.  I’m a fan of these sites over other similar sites because both provide RSS feeds of their news, allowing me to subscribe and stay up-to-date without clogging up my Inbox or requiring a daily website visit.

Business news (national and international):

Because I track businesses across several industries (Software, High Tech, Education, Not-for-Profit and Public Sector), I find it useful to know any time there is a major event in one of my target industries.  Business Week fills that need for me.  Not only are there a variety of bite-size and longer articles, but the folks at Business Week “get” the internet medium, providing podcasts, blogs and other dynamic mediums for knowledge exchange among the reporters and readers.  

A close runner-up is CFO Magazine – the writing and subject matter tends to be a bit heavier than Business Week and they provide fewer articles, but when an article piques my interest, I know I’m going to be leaving the site much more knowledgeable than when I arrived.

Your thoughts?  Feel free to suggest other news sites – I’m always looking to improve my sources.  If you have found a website or blog that provides solid news, share it with your fellow readers.

[This article was originally posted at a little piece of the world – I have migrated it to this new blog on 8/26/2007.]


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