A “new” news source for real estate professionals

Ok, so it’s not new.  In fact, NAIOP’s “Understanding Corporate Real Estate” column has been around, or at least archived, since 2002.  At four issues annually, there are 23 different articles geared toward the corporate real estate professional.  Here’s where you can read the latest article and here is the full archive of columns.

I have yet to read all twenty-three.  From the column I did skim, Issue 3 of 2007, the emphasis for the column was on the particular intricacies of biotech firms and their leasing needs.  The approach was very similar to a case study, showcasing BioRealty, Inc. and the work the firm does for biotech and biofuel businesses.  The column conveniently provides large and small sub-articles for the reader.  Based on the approach that they took with this column, I am eager to read the past issues to find gems of knowledge.

If I ever re-write my piece on Where to Find the Best Commercial Real Estate News, this column will make the grade.


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  1. This is great. I have bookmarked for future ref..

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