I’ve been syndicated!

I finally know what artists must feel when someone commissions a piece of art from them.  As you know, I enjoy blogging – writing posts and sharing knowledge give me an extra bit of happiness beyond the general satisfaction I get at work.  So when my friend Kit Mueller, a mortgage planner and active blogger in Chicago, approached me about a week ago and asked me if I would provide him with an existing or new article to post to his blog as a guest piece, I jumped at the opportunity.  Now, I’ve been given opportunities to write for other publications in the past – .NET Developer’s Journal and Illinois Real Estate Journal – but this would be the first time that I would be writing a piece for someone else’s blog.  So much pressure!

Rather than recycle a piece I already had, I decided to go with a topic that would align with Kit’s customers and readers – the subprime mortgage market.  Since so much attention had been placed on the consumer market and residential mortgages, I decided to write a post about what’s been happening in the commercial real estate market as a result of the subprime woes.  Now that I’m syndicated, you can find the post on Kit’s blog or mine.  Note that his article has been slightly edited for his audience – can you find the difference?  Hint – there’s a small Midwestern city that I love to jibe.  Extra points if you can tell me why…


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