No report for you, as major real estate firm restricts access

I think it’s quite rare that I will have the privilege to report first on what some in the field might describe as “breaking news”.  However, after a cursory internet search, I believe I will be the first to publicly report on CB Richard Ellis’s move to “privatize” their research reports.  A friend and professional in real estate services recently received an email with the following Research Update from CB Richard Ellis.  After many years of providing what most (myself included) would describe as the industry-leading research report, the research department at CB Richard Ellis is locking down a la Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  For a long time, the facts and statistics that they have painstakingly gathered at CB’s research department have been available to anyone who requested the reports – all you had to do was register.

Ward Caswell, the head of the CB Research Department, made a strategic decision by limiting report access.  If I had a team that could put together the kind of reports that his team did, I would want to reserve it for the highest echelon of reader – my clients.  Ward, I salute you with this bold move.  My only request is that you provide an abridged report for the masses of real estate professionals who have come to view your quarterly reports so highly.


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  1. On one hand this is a smart move. The countless man hours it takes CBRE to put together these reports and the value of the finished product, makes me think that CBRE will start charging for access to them. On the other had, as a consumer of their reports, I have gotten used to the open access and would miss them greatly. But there are other companies in my market that provide the same reports for free. Unless all of them follow suit, which is not likely, I will use one of CBRE’s competitor as long as the quality is the same.

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