A quality journal for the sophisticated corporate real estate director – and it doesn’t cost a penny!

The managing director of my office shared with me what I now consider – at least until the next shiny intellectual trinket comes along – the best* source of sophisticated real estate guidance and analysis designed specifically for corporate real estate directors.  CoreNet’s industry journal, entitled The Leader, is aptly named and chock full of useful articles dealing with topics ranging from the mobile worker (p. 18) to “location velocity” (p. 24).  The article that really drew me in is called Today’s Technology: The Tools Are Ready, Are You? (p. 48).  Because of my background in software technology, this hit a sweet spot for me.  Ever since I got into commercial real estate, I became an advocate for increasing the use of technology to improve productivity and results; I even went so far as to write an article on the subject of technology in real estateToday’s Technology was a well-written article by three individuals from Deloitte Consulting and really drives into the key issues that the IT department has probably been hounding you about for the last several years, as IT spends have gone up to match interdepartmental demand.  They summarized it in the final section of the article as 4 straightforward steps for managing your approach to technology.

  1. Review your current processes.
  2. Evaluate your current systems and tools.
  3. Understand where your most critical data comes from.
  4. Work more effectively by partnering with your IT department.

Of course, this is only a summary.  The full article has even more good advice and examples of different software tools and systems to address the specific gaps you find in your organization’s systems.  Plus, the magazine has a great interface powered by

*I’m told that I come in a close second, but moms have to say stuff like that 🙂


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