Another commercial broker takes the leap into the 21st century

I was excited to recently discover that a fellow commercial real estate professional has decided to come full throttle into the world of technology by creating a blog devoted to commercial real estate activities in Chicago.  The Chicago Commercial Real Estate blog will hopefully provide another well-written, frequently updated source of insight on commercial real estate activity in the Windy City.


3 Responses

  1. Welcome to web 2.0, those that don’t adapt to how our entertainment sources are evolving will either get left behind, or lose a big chunk of market share while trying to play catch-up.

  2. Yes blogs are more like free mailers we send out or spend money on advertising with hardly any conversion rate. I had tried all marketing channels but still no sales.

    My business was in dumps with all the mortgage mess. Small business owners like me did not even saw a chance to survive.

    Until my friend Laura told me a new way to reach customers and close them . Yes it helps reaching out to your customers. I used Mortgage contact center predictive dialer by 3CLogic and its WebAstra dialer helped me to reach and keep records of my customers. It sent me alerts and reminders and automatically dialled in to the customers to ensure me to reach them out at their desired time. Yes good service helps build trust and thanks to WebAstra my business is seeming boom.

    Hope you would also embrace this new technology as a way to reach out to your customers.

  3. As Monica states, it is worthwhile to have a variety of marketing and sales tools in your arsenal, including blogging and predictive dialers. I personally have not explored predictive dialers, but I have a colleague in the residential side of real estate who has found them very productive in finding prospects.

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