A new way to serve up your reading material

In my last job, I learned the value of staying up on current business events, as well as maintaining a personal development plan that often involved stacks of business and industry texts.  The challenge I always faced, however, was managing the daily commute with 1-2 books, a newspaper, a magazine and everything I needed for the actual daily grind.  Once I was riding on the #136 bus on my way home and I glanced over to see a fellow passenger reading what appeared to be a thin book.  I leaned a little closer and noticed that it was the Sony Reader – a first generation e-Reader for digital books and media.  At the time, it seemed like a novel* concept, but I wasn’t bought in that the company that introduced BetaMax, MediaStick and Blu-Ray (failure pending) had a success on its hands.  I considered it a passing fancy and dismissed it from thought… until I saw the Newsweek cover with a grinning Jeff Bezos and the new Amazon Kindle.

I decided to dig a little deeper, especially since I had spent hundreds of dollars on books at Amazon over the past couple years.  Unlike Sony’s pitch as a media conglomerate with a new technology, here was a genuine approach from what started with aspirations as the world’s largest bookseller and is now one of the largest retail establishments worldwide.  As I read through the list of features, I was genuinely impressed.  In addition to the long battery life and digital ink, like Sony’s Reader, Amazon’s Kindle had wireless connectivity to download books, newspapers, magazines and, my favorite, blogs.  Amazon had not only created a functional library book to carry all of your media, but strategically partnered with Sprint and its high-speed wireless data network to simplify the shopping and delivery experience for users as well.  My only frustration is that demand has far outstripped supply (much like the Nintendo Wii and the XBox 360 before it) and I may be waiting a while until I can get my hands on one.  I suspect that there is quite a long waitlist.

With the time I have until I can acquire a Kindle of my own, I decided to evaluate what sort of reading material is currently available on the device for the technologically-savvy corporate real estate professional.  Expecting an extremely limited offering, I found myself impressed a second time.  The following, only a small subset of the currently available media in the form of e-books, magazines, newspapers and blogs, it still provides a substantial list covering the spectrum of real estate knowledge and services:





As soon as I get my hands on one, I’ll be sure to share my thoughts.  In the mean time, it might be a good idea to add a Kindle to your holiday wish list so you can put more knowledge in your brain and less in your briefcase.

* no pun intended


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