Somebody’s had some fun with the Chicago Loop

This weekend, I was out on a date and we took a tour around Chicago.  Being a bit of an architecture buff, I decided to snap a few photographs of some of my favorite buildings.  Having spent several years working in 77 West Wacker, I decided to grab a photo of the entire West Wacker strip to showcase my old haunt (see below).

Wacker Drive from the North

As we walked along, I decided to take a photo looking down Clark Street.  I got the full facade of my old building… and a little surprise down the street (highlighted in red, below).

77 W. Wacker and a view down Clark Street

Clearly something was up.  As we continued around the Loop, I decided to get to the bottom of things and took one more photo.  Am I mistaken or is the Sears Tower just a mite bit out of place?  I don’t recall being able to get off the Brown Line right in front of Chicago’s tallest skyscraper.

Sears Tower on Wells Street

At this point, you’re probably aware that I’ve been pulling your leg, just a bit.  We were actually at the Museum of Science and Industry, where they have a great exhibit demonstrating commercial and passenger train travel between Chicago and Seattle.  Since the exhibit creators had a limited area in which to create a believable Chicago cityscape, they clearly took liberties with the layout of the office buildings in the Loop.  A fun exercise for real estate professionals and architecture enthusiasts is to check out this exhibit and see which building are absent and which major streets the designers decided weren’t necessary – my apologies, Mr. Burnham.


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  1. Chicago Hallo!
    I love You Chicago, I love You Sears! I love Skyscrapers!!!

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