The (executive) Suite Life: Held my first conference meeting

This was a busy afternoon – once I confirmed that all of my computer files were still intact (long story… special thanks to Jon for his support), I met up with a college friend with whom I had worked on computer science projects back in the day.  We were discussing ways to create a website experience that draws in users and keeps them engaged, and he also demonstrated a LEGO pin-hole camera that he built – did I mention he is very creative and good at building things?  We got on the subject of games and he told me he was going to build a MAME cabinet, potentially with an integrated electronic projector – very cool.

After lunch at Potbelly’s, we went back to my office at Avenue Business Center, where we were met by Chris Rollyson and James Bergstrom to discuss how to engage today’s executives using social networking tools, both online and offline.  Since I only have three chairs in the office and hadn’t expected a party of four, we made our way to one of the conference rooms.  It was a perfect space for us to collaborate.  I didn’t even need to make a reservation – Victoria and Kim directed me to available space and it was effortless.  After grabbing cups of tea from the members’ break room, we adjourned to the conference room and spent the next hour and a half brainstorming, idea-sharing and discussing ways that we could all collaborate.  In fact, the space was large enough that we could have comfortably accommodated another 4-6 people, all gathered together to share knowledge.  If I wasn’t a participant, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall, listening to the talk of generational marketing, pain resolution and bringing trust and collaboration into a dysfunctional organization.  We all walked away with new ways to approach our respective business targets, so it was definitely a successful meeting.