When the Worst Happens in your Business – Managing the Real Estate for a Closure

Karen Klein, of BusinessWeek, recently responded to a letter in her Smart Answers column asking for advice on how to close a division of a business.  Knowing that real estate holdings (owned or leased) often must be disposed as part of a closure, I scanned the column for the advice that Klein provided to her faithful reader.  I was not disappointed, nor was I impressed.  Since I appreciate that Klein is not a real estate professional, I applaud her for including a short paragraph in the Tie Up Loose Ends section; however, the advice that she and her forensic accountant interviewee provide stops a bit short.  What follows is my elaboration of their advice.
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BusinessWeek has got me all giddy with a special report on office design

I’d like to extend special thanks to the writers at BusinessWeek.  They’ve released a special report on workplace design and productivity – this report consists of 7 articles, 5 slide shows and 1 poll.  Just when I thought I was going to have nothing to read during my lunch breaks…
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