Finally, a real estate media outlet “gets it” – the first* discussion forum for commercial real estate professionals

“It”, in this case, is the new way that internet users expect web sites to behave.  Buzzwords like FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn, social networking and Web 2.0 are flying all over the place and new technologies and user interface elements are being embraced.  Of course, the technology sector tends to be the earliest adopter and younger users tend to demand the most in terms of social networking and interactivity.  However, these trends are taking a lot longer to be utilized by certain professional sectors, including law, accounting and real estate… until now.  Just yesterday I posted about and how it stands to truly innovate in the professional real estate services world by developing the first* exclusively real-estate-centric social network.

Imagine how elated I must be now that I have learned of an online forum, hosted by Commercial Property News (CPN), specifically dedicated to commercial real estate topics.  An extension of their online publication, CPN Connect will provide real estate professionals with the first* discussion boards to express their observations, opinions and concerns with trends and activities in our industry.  Since it’s still just been rolled out, there are a few wrinkles to iron out:

  • When replying to a message, some of the buttons in the Message Toolbar have missing or nonvisible icons, so you have to hover over the space to see what those buttons do.
  • The categories are currently only regional – Northeast, Midatlantic, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, West and International.  Over time, I hope to see some expansion into either the 4 “flavors” of commercial real estate or forums dedicated to particular industries.
  • I appear to be the only person who has yet responded to posts.  Then again, this site has been live for perhaps one day, so I have to be patient.

The only thing for you to do now is head over to CPN Connect, register and start providing your own comments and posts.  After all, it’s not a dialogue if you’re doing it by yourself.

 * to the best of my knowledge