Happy Holidays!

With Good Friday, Easter Weekend, Purim, and who knows what other holidays this weekend, I expect that most of you are in some sort of celebration mode.  I wish you all a wonderful holiday and look forward to welcoming you back into the business world come Monday.


Happy Holidays from Corporate Real Estate

To all my regular readers and to my occasional viewers,

Have a wonderful holiday!  Regardless of what you practice, I’ve found that this time of year there is one thing that we all celebrate – sharing special times with loved ones.  So, whether you take an annual trip, stay in town with your family, celebrate Christmas time a little differently (like me – Charlie Wilson’s War, followed by dinner at Dee’s) or even find yourself in the office over the next couple of days, the important thing is that you get the privilege to remind yourself of those close to you and how special they are to you and you to them.

Stay warm, stay cozy, but most of all, stay away from Chicago… Old Man Winter has arrived and I suspect he’ll be around for a while.

Seriously though, wishing the best for you and yours,

Jacob Cynamon
Editor, Corporate Real Estate