Somebody in the internet cloud loves me…

I was reviewing the sites that have driven traffic to Corporate Real Estate today and saw a link that I didn’t recognize –  Not familiar with the domain “”, I followed the link and came upon a ranked list of real estate blogs.  I was flattered to find myself ranked reasonably high on the list – it’s always nice to get feedback on what’s working well and what you would like to see improved on my blog.

The site is impressive in its simplicity; sporting no frills, it manages to provide lists of real estate articles, blogs, books, sites and tools (coming soon – I’m very interested!).  Especially if you are an investor, this is one site to bookmark.  Even if you are not, I am eager to see where Julien, the editor, takes the site.  It would be very cool if he integrated community ratings into the system, so visitors like you or I could review the resources and get a more accurate stack-rank of value.