A new way to serve up your reading material

In my last job, I learned the value of staying up on current business events, as well as maintaining a personal development plan that often involved stacks of business and industry texts.  The challenge I always faced, however, was managing the daily commute with 1-2 books, a newspaper, a magazine and everything I needed for the actual daily grind.  Once I was riding on the #136 bus on my way home and I glanced over to see a fellow passenger reading what appeared to be a thin book.  I leaned a little closer and noticed that it was the Sony Reader – a first generation e-Reader for digital books and media.  At the time, it seemed like a novel* concept, but I wasn’t bought in that the company that introduced BetaMax, MediaStick and Blu-Ray (failure pending) had a success on its hands.  I considered it a passing fancy and dismissed it from thought… until I saw the Newsweek cover with a grinning Jeff Bezos and the new Amazon Kindle.
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