A, B, or C – How can you classify something without a classification system?

I always appreciate unusual coincidences, like today, when I got off the phone after explaining to a client about the differences between Class A and Class B buildings in Chicago only to see a LinkedIn Answers question asking for clarification on the Class A/B/C system.  Since it was still fresh in my mind from the phone call, I decided to take a shot at answering the LinkedIn question.  Feeling that I had done a fairly decent job of addressing the question, I have decided to reproduce my answer for my readers (below).
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The Four Types of Commercial Real Estate Explained

Jordan Crouch and I met a while back as we both delved into the world of blogging.  I can say with pride that I’m elated to be able to reference his post on The Four Food Groups a.k.a. the four major types of commercial real estate.  For the lay-person, the residential real estate professional or the real estate enthusiast, Crouch’s explanations of the four types – office, industrial, retail, multifamily – can help anyone understand what is unique about each type.  Jordan, if you are reading this, I’d love to partner on a more thorough write-up diving into the details of each facet of commercial real estate and how they might vary for both the occupier and the investor.