Are You Being Served… More Expenses Than You Deserve?

On Monday morning, my colleague Bill in our Audit and Recovery practice presented to all of us on the expense and fee clauses that he frequently sees when he is brought in to audit a client’s lease.  Since he is compensated on a contingency basis, he is very good at finding discrepancies between what the lease obligates and what the landlord actually charges.  However, the gems that he shared with us had less to do with comparing rent bills to leases and more to do with how to reduce the likelihood of these improper charges ever being an issue for our clients.
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As reports, maybe we haven’t seen the last of the office property flips in Chicago

I thought that the blockbuster Equity Office Properties fiasco was going to be the last flipped office property for a while – apparently not.  Perhaps my definition of flip is liberal, but owning a building for 18 months and then turning around and announcing that you are going to sell it sounds a lot like flipping to me.  That’s what Bentley Forbes, owner of Prudential Plaza at 130 E Randolph and 180 N Stetson, is planning, at least according to this article that discusses the details of the Prudential Plaza acquisition in 2006 and planned sale scheduled for early 2008. may have the facts, but I’ve got opinions…

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National Real Estate Investor needs to hire a proofreader

Amidst National Real Estate Investor’s article about Chicago office trends, which always has me curious, I found a number of typos that made this a less than stellar read.  In my analysis, I’m going to begin by picking out a couple of errors that need to be fixed, because I’m particular like that, and then I will continue with a content analysis.
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