How investing outside your organization can pay dividends

About a month back, I expressed my thoughts on Dennis Donovan’s theory of location velocity, in which he expresses the need to analyze current conditions and future trends in order to select the best site for a headquarters or major operations facility.  Curiously, almost in a rebuttal to Donovan’s theories, Elizabeth King Forstneger, Director of Grubb & Ellis Consulting, wrote an article about a corporate stewardship to protect the value of your long-term investment – Getting It Right: Achieving Long-Term Value from Your Real Estate Investment.

I am very intrigued with this approach.  Rather than looking from a traditional real estate and facilities (RE&F) perspective of “how can we manage expenses” or “how can we derive more value from our facilities”, the prescribed approach is to look at how giving to the community can pay tremendous dividends.  Forstneger identifies three key areas in which a RE&F department, or a business as a whole, can invest in their new area:
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Accelerating through (Office) Space… and Time

Before the extended feast that is Thanksgiving comes upon us, I wanted to share my thoughts on one more article from CoreNet’s magazine The Leader.  Dennis J. Donovan, a site selection expert, wrote an article entitled Location Velocity: Good Today, But What About Tomorrow?  Using a term that he coined – “location velocity” – Donovan introduces the reader to the key indicators and questions to answer in preparing the short list of potential sites for your firm’s relocation.  Through a couple of graphical charts and an extensive collection of bulleted lists, Donovan lays out the process to complete the two steps of location screening (generation of the short list) and location evaluation (grading of the short-listed sites).  However, where the article goes beyond traditional site selection strategy is a thorough analysis of trends that may reduce the advantages of an otherwise desirable site.
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