The (executive) Suite Life: It sure beats a $4 latte

Since I’ve begun my adventures in a shared office suite, I’ve learned to appreciate the value of setting up meetings on my “home turf”.  I previously never understood when colleagues and business associates would persuade me to meet them in their office, but I was always happy to oblige.  The alternative was often to meet at the corner coffee shop that rhymes with “Less Bucks”, where it was a foregone conclusion that we would be purchasing a couple cups of $4 coffee.  Individually, this was no problem, but at an average of a meeting a day, this could add up to a substantial expense.

Now that I have the privilege of my own private office, with its own private door – in contrast to the cubicles and open workspaces I have had in the past, I fully appreciate the value of hosting meetings.  Not only do I have my computer, my phone, my printer and all of my in-office accoutrements, but I also have a breakroom.  Avenue Business Center has me taken care of, providing coffee (which I don’t drink), tea (which I definitely drink), and hot cocoa (of which I occasionally treat myself on these cold winter days).  Having all of these options on hand sure makes it less appealing to brave the cold and make my way to a cafe.